Jumat, 23 Oktober 2015


modifikasi satria fu It should be noted, a new body design is consistent with price Yamaha Byson are not cheap. The body is more masculine with handle bars handlebar models. This makes a fairly comfortable driving at high speed. Stang handle bars will not make the rider too down. But fit enough to be able to control this bike is more comfortable. Handlebar handle bar is also designed to be slightly longer. With the size of the longer, the rider can stretch his hand wider and this makes the rider more comfortable driving long distances. In addition, Yamaha Byson new seat is also softer than the previous version. More details below specification and price Yamaha Byson update this month:

All speedometer panel has also been using a digital LCD system as a whole. This shows the concern Yamaha to continue to improve the technology. There are three main sections that are part of this digital speedometers. Both of the pointer speed, RPM, fuel pointer everything is using the digital system. Digital systems in addition to revealing the impression of modern and contemporary, this also makes the size designation becomes more accurate and appropriate. Rpm fitting system would make the owner more accurate when he saw mileage. The advantage is that it can perform service at the right time and kilometer. Yamaha Byson affordable price with super-modern system that would make it more attractive.

While on the lighting, headlights Yamaha Byson using light bulbs Model form V. This makes the motor more bright lights. In addition to bright light range motors are also increasingly widespread. Moreover, the needs of lighting at night is not only in need of far-reaching, but also a broad range. In the evenings touring is done for example, wide range of lights will help motorists have a broader vision. When facing a sharp bend, with a broader range of light the driver can see the road winding to be traversed. So before reaching the bend, the driver was able to anticipate when he would have to turn and how fast it should be moving. Keep in mind also, in the touring rider is certainly not familiar with the roads impassable because of adventure and exploration is done to try new roads and extreme modif satria fu terbaru